Three New Noise Engineering Eurorack Modules

US Terci Ruina, Sinc Bucina and Cursus Iteritas Percido are now available      17/04/19

Three New Noise Engineering Eurorack Modules

Noise Engineering has announced the release of three modules: Terci Ruina, a quad distortion in 4hp (and the first in their Distortion of the Month Series), Sinc Bucina, a 4hp low-pass gate with multiple modes, and their largest, most ambitious module to date, the Cursus Iteritas Percido, described as a wavetable-based oscillator with routable envelope. Here's the details on each in the company's own words....

Sinc Bucina is the sequel to one of our first modules, Sinclastic Empulatrix, replacing the clamping VCA with a resonant lowpass VCF and VCA combo. The velocity-dependent Ping input offers classic release-only LPG behavior, while the Gate in offers much more complex slewing, useful for simple ASR envelopes to dynamic modulation.  The envelope out allows the internal envelope to be routed out into a patch for even more versatility and modulation fun.

Terci Ruina combines three classic distortions in 4 hp. Distortions are reinterpreted in classic NE style and routed through each other for complete sonic annihilation of any sound. Patch in and out anwyere in the signal chain to pick the best sound for your purpose (because modular). Looking for a pretty distortion? This is probably not your module. Unapologetically gross and dirty.

Cursus Iteritas Percido is the second module in the Percido line of powerful synth voices. Similar to its predecessor the Loquelic Iteritas Percido, CIP takes the original Cursus Iteritas and adds the same musical envelope from LIP with attenuverter-controlled routing to every knob. With the inclusion of the performance-oriented Master Blaster and CV outputs, CIP is a powerhouse of incredibly versatile synthesis.

 Pricing and Availability:
All modules are in stock and shipping Thursday April 18
Sinc Bucina: $155
Terci Ruina: $135
Cursus Iteritas Percido: $595

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