Eurorack Sequencer Updated

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ firmware 1.9 release adds flexibility      16/04/19

XOR Electronics says that they would like to introduce you to a milestone update for NerdSEQ. Here's the story in their own words...

NerdSEQ is an 8–track Eurorack sequencer with a rich feature set, allowing you to sequence modules or MIDI compatible gear, put probabilities on probabilities, generate randomness (or, on the contrary, create and effortlessly save rigid song structures), upload & sequence samples and much more.

This software update is a major one as it elaborates on NerdSEQ’s many key capabilities and adds plenty more fun and flexibility – it is now possible to use its effective tracker–style workflow to sequence all of your external MIDI gear with per–track 4 voice polyphony across all channels. CC messages, Aftertouch, Pitchbend, Program change and NRPN are all accessible as well, and the imaginary cherry on top is that most of this can be manipulated by NerdSEQ’s Automations engine – meaning you can use its internal LFOs or external CVs for all sorts of crazy modulations and breathe some new life into your old rack synths collecting dust. All of this can be achieved with the MIDI I/O expansion.

All of this MIDI freakiness is just the start though – also out with this update is the ‘MORE TRIGGERS 16’ expander, offering 16 additional trigger/gate outs, chainable to up to 4 units/64 outputs, enough to trigger your room. On the software side, this means a super effective and simple drum matrix screen has been added and you can now set each of the six tracks per your preference – to modular, MIDI or trigger mode. The 2 sample tracks are fixed. More expanders are soon to follow, the closest one being ‘MORE CVS 16’ – we’ll let you figure out what will that one do on your own.

While these are the two most exciting and visible updates, there’s plenty more additions and improvements to the UI and functionality – color coding for tracks, track tempo dividers/multipliers and overall improvements in performance.

Pricing and Availability:

This free firmware update is now available on the XOR Electronics website. The More Triggers 16 expander is available through its web shop and select dealers.

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