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Buzzzy! is a 16 voice / 4 part digital USB & MIDI module with 4 synthesis engines      11/04/19

New on Kickstarter is Buzzzy!, described as a 16 voice / 4 part digital USB & MIDI module with 4 synthesis engines and quality built-in effects. Here's the story from its designer....

Good instruments don't need to be convoluted.

Instead, they should provide musicians with confidence and astonishment.

Despite it’s simple appearance, Buzzzy! is an advanced 16 voice polysynth capable of a broad and beautiful range of tones. It is fast and immediate, ideal for use onstage and for instant music production.

For the oscillator, choose one of the many variations of Pulse tones, FM timbres, grainy Waves or filtered Noises. Then, adjust the amplifier envelope, pump-up the volume and top with some prime quality effects.

Buzzzy! features 4 powerful oscillator engines, 9 built-in audio effects (with reverbs, delays and filters), a fast arpeggiator and offers 16 save slots to store your multi configurations.

Coming with an extensive MIDI implementation, Buzzzy! will be the perfect match with your hardware or mobile software sequencer.

The technology

At the heart of the Buzzzy! is an ARM Cortex M4 controller running at 81,92MHz.

This core is both powerful and requires little power so the instrument can be attached to any portable device while enjoying a great battery autonomy.

The stereo output is provided by a high quality 24bit / 48kHz DAC, with 100dB of dynamics and really hot levels!

The sound generation is based on 4 synthesis engines and 3 effects engines.

These engines were crafted specifically for the Buzzzy! and rely on a carefully hand written and optimized assembly code. They were designed with simplicity in mind and the commitment of making the best use of the available computing resources.

Pricing and Availability:

See Kickstarter.

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