Cality - Creative Midi Processor For iOS

AUv3 plug-in promises everything from subtle rhythmic enhancement to controlled chaos      11/04/19

Pagefall Software has released Cality which they describe as an AUv3 Creative MIDI Processor for iOS. This is what they have to say about it...

Cality is a creative midi processor allowing  subtle rhythmic enhancement, controlled chaos and everything in between. Add swing or accents, quantise the pitch of notes, use a probability gate or use the cloud module to add addition notes all under midi control

The cloud section takes techniques common in granular synthesis and brings them to the realm of midi notes. It adds additional notes to the ones you are playing. This can be a simple rhythmic accompaniment or it can bring new textures from your synths by generating a cloud of tiny notes almost entering the realms of black midi.

The note sections gives a fully automatable/midi controllable note quantiser with a range of scales, a transposer and the ability to constrain to simple chords as well

The tempo section allows the addition of swing and accents to incoming midi notes as well as providing a probability gate

Cality is great for bringing life to simple midi loops or patterns or for taking you deep into creative realms.

Cality is the second release from Pagefall Software following up on the success of the Autony generative sequencer. Pagefall aims to bring together musicians and technology  to create  simple but powerful and highly playable apps and plugins with the music coming first.

Cality is available for all iOs devices today. It is priced at £5.99 (or the equivalent in other territories) It generates a MIDI output suitable for driving soft synths or hardware synths with a suitable interface. It requires an AU host like AUM or Cubasis.


* Modify midi performances or sequencers
* Add swing and accents
* Filter notes by probability
* Quantize to scales and chords
* Transform midi notes bringing techniques from granular synthesis into the world of midi

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