New Synth From Analogue Solutions - Impulse Command

Full analogue path      29/03/19

Well we did get a teaser the other day, but I guess we're more used to a longer drawn out campaign - at least from some manufacturers - you know who you are.

But clearly Tom is keen to let us know about the brand new "true analogue" that is analogue path mono synth:

With the exception of the essential digital elements (that is MIDI conversion, sequencer control and digital delay/reverb), Impulse Command really is analogue and the sound benefit is immediately apparent!

Special features:

  • Analogue synth: analogue audio and modulation circuits
  • Stereo / dual filters
  • This synth can sound like multiple synths all at once
  • Stereo digital effects (reverb and delay)
  • 16 step analogue sequencer
  • 16 step MIDI Note sequencer
  • Dynamic internal patch system
  • ReOrder! feature to create new melodies from the sequencer
  • Dynamic VCO mix levels
  • Semi-modular
  • High quality build

Available in dealers soon: £850, €1179, USA $1199

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