NI Show Some MASSIVE X Gui Changes

New blog entry shows some of what to expect      15/03/19

NI  Show Some MASSIVE X Gui Changes

As we all wait for the the final release of the much trailed Massive X - a major update to probably what is Native Instruments most popular instrument, a new blog post gives some more information on what the GUI is going to look like and and as a result what new features we can expect.

The first thing you spot is the radically overhauled interface. Some people here have said it looks clearer (helped even more by the introduction of a resize option), but this doesn’t mean it’s less complex or less flexible – quite the opposite. And it retains many of the interface features that were so popular in MASSIVE, such as the ‘saturn’ rings.

There will be two wavetable oscillators (with around 125 wavetables at launch), each with 20 different modes, two additional phase modulation oscillators, comprehensive noise section (including random sources such as rain and birdsong)

Eight new multimode filters, IFX  (insert FX) and Insert Oscillator for complex modulation.

If you cant wait, we suggest you head over to the the original blog post and fill yer boots.

Originally slated for release in February - oops, missed that deadline, Massive X is now expected in June 2019

Thanks to [midierror] for the spot

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