deton8 Drum Machine In Action

Twisted Electrons posts a short video of their hybrid sampler/drum synthesizer      14/03/19

Twisted Electrons tells us that deton8, a hybrid sampler/drum synthesizer using a mix of crunchy 8-BIT samples and wavetable synthesis, will be shipping in April. In the meantime, the company has posted this short video showing off its capabilities.

deton8 features

  •     USB-MIDI
  •     Hardware MIDI
  •     SYNC IN
  •     SYNC OUT
  •     16 patterns of 1-16 steps each
  •     Chain up to 16 patterns in a row to make a song
  •     8 Voices (Kick, Snare, Metal (hats), Clap, Can (tinny sounds), Tom, Nut (woody sounds), SYNTH (NES inspired triangle wavetable synthesizer, with arp that can be shaped to a square).
  •     Pitch and decay modulation per step on every voice
  •     8 hands on Stutter modes: Beat repeat (with variable rate), Forward granular, Reverse granular, Pendulum granular (scratch), buzz/texture , random granular (noise generation), spin up, spin down
  •     Forward & Reverse sample playback per track
  •     Delay with variable delay time and pitch decay (upwards and downwards)
  •     Ring mod effect with variable frequency
  •     Global pitch shift
  •     Copy/Paste patterns
  •     Real time pattern recording with optional metronome
  •     Tap tempo
  •     Swing
  •     Mute/Solo a track
  •     Drive any voice into distortion
  •     Sound variation knob for Kick (add sub), Snare (add noise/snappy), Hats (change texture) and Synth (arpeggiate)
  •     Pump aka sidechain compression emulation (any track can “duck” the others for the pumping/breathing effect)
  •     Pattern clean and randomize for accidental magical beats

Pricing and Availability:

€255.00 excl. VAT

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