New Version Of Acustica Amber Plug-In Suite

Amber3 is a reproduction of a Class A optical compressor, EQ and preamp      28/02/19

New Version Of Acustica Amber Plug-In Suite

Acustica Audio tells us that their  Amber3 VST/AAX/AU plugin suite offers an accurate reproduction of an original, pure Class A optical compressor - a redesigned iconic EQ and preamp by a celebrated US company.

A spokesperson told us, "In designing Amber3, we aimed at achieving total sound purity and depth, achieved through the use of Class-A discrete solid-state circuitry, as well as a thoughtful mixture of active and passive filter cells, absence of any DC-blocking capacitors on the signal path and more. We then squeezed all the sampled units into a high-performance channel-strip for your own earvana. In addition to all this we implemented a brand new creative control called Shine, which allows you to go smoothly from a shelf filter to peak. Have fun!"
Pricing and Availability:
Free update for current Amber owners.
Introductory price for Amber3: €129 (regular price: €189)

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