MidiWrist - MIDI Control From Your Watch

App turns your Apple Watch into a wireless MIDI controller      27/02/19

MidiWrist is an app that turns your Apple Watch into a wireless MIDI controller. This is what its developer has to say...

The tactile feel of the digital crown combined with haptic feedback, gives you control over any MIDI synthesizer by touching your wrist, even when you're not looking.

MidiWrist makes no sound on its own and requires an Apple Watch to function. For best performance, an Apple Watch Series 4 or later is recommended.

Any CoreMIDI application or device can be controlled by MidiWrist. This includes Virtual MIDI, Network MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI and Physical MIDI Devices through a supported MIDI hardware interface.


• Four knobs can be controlled with the digital crown

• Macro control over multiple synth parameters from the Digital Crown

• Remotely Play / Stop / Record / Rewind your DAW from your Watch

• Knobs can be controlled individually or simultaneously

• Knobs can be linked to preserve their offsets

• Four buttons can be toggled by tapping the Watch

• Buttons can either be stateful or momentary

• Program changes through the digital crown or by tapping the Watch

• Transport control over Midi Machine Control (MMC)

• XY pad with individual messages for each axis

• Optional haptic feedback for all Watch interactions

• Optional value display on the Watch

• Configurable colors for all knobs and buttons

• Configurable MIDI channels and CC numbers

• Save your configurations to preset for easy retrieval

• MIDI learn for easy controller configuration

• MIDI input to sync the state of the controllers with the controlled synths

• Advertise as a Bluetooth MIDI device

• Connect to other Bluetooth MIDI devices

• Monitor the last MIDI values on the iPhone

• Low latency and fast response

Pricing and Availability:

$4.99 from the app store.

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