Music From Stuff That Blew Into The Garden

Divkid talks to Matt Shaw about Totemic Topologies      26/02/19

Divkid (Ben Wilson) talks to good friend Matt Shaw who's recent releases of two volumes of ambient music titled Totemic Topologies. Its quite literally music made from airborne detritus - stuff that has ended up in Matt's garden, excited, sampled and processed. With his extensive modular setup - sampled into the  OP-1 then into the Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus before an accompanying layer from the Plumbutter.

While this may indeed seem somewhat bonkers, its a philosophy of music creation that has been around for some time - the idea that you limit your source material or process by some other - in this case random condition.

Divkid visited Matt in his modular studio to discuss the whole thing.

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