The Missing Link Adds Ableton Link Wireless Sync To Your MIDI Hardware

New update adds MIDI Clock support      25/02/19

We first saw the Circuit Happy Missing Link at Knobcon last year, where we were impressed buy how easy it was to sink up your hardware to your computer using the Ableton Link. 

The Missing Link is a clock generator that brings Ableton Link to the analogue world, well now you can also use it to generate MIDI clock, allowing you to sync up your MIDI hardware with your analogue clock hardware and your Ableton Set up. 

Heres what developer Ed Guild had to say about it: 

We’ve been working away for a couple months on a software update to support MIDI clock on The Missing Link. Thanks to the built-in USB port on our Raspberry Pi platform, we were able to support hosting any class-compliant USB MIDI interface.

Just plug in a USB MIDI interface using a USB On-The-Go adapter to connect to the micro USB port on the back of The Missing Link.

Now you can MIDI clock to all your drum machines and other desktop noise makers, opening them up to the possibilities of Ableton Link!

For more info and the full run down visit Circuit Happy 


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