Sonic LAB Tour: Bowie Collective - Recreating Classic Bowie Live

The tech behind the show      21/02/19
    MP4 29:48 mins    

The Bowie Collective's aim is to reproduce the classic Bowie recordings live for an immersive Bowie tribute act.  We had a look at the tech that makes this possible.

They often start by trying to recreate the actual recordings and building up the layers of sound that went into them. By using plenty of Universal Audio tape emulation, skilled live musicians and production know how from local producer (and Bowie on the night) Steve Evans, their recreations are pretty spot on. Steve's had plenty of training as part of what he does is to work in TV advertising music, where the brief is often to forensically recreate the sound of existing recordings, in the style of.

On the night there's a live band of 8 plus help from a Mainstage setup, Cymatic Audio uTrack 24, SMPTE code and Resolume to run the graphics and visual cues, its quite a feat.

Steve kindly showed us around the setup at the production rehearsals at Real World Studios prior to a gig.

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