Superbooth Coming Up - Here's What to Expect

US 250 Exhibitors, 90 concerts and workshops      19/02/19

Superbooth Coming Up - Here's What to Expect

As Superbooth approaches - the new Berlin based electronic music event organized by the Herr Schneiders and his team at the atmospheric FEZ in former East Berlin - a childrens education centre located in the middle of a large park area, 

We're starting to get the details of what to expect.

Confirmed are:

Daniel Miller - full modular set - a rare treat.
Robert Liphook, Ken MacBeth and T. Raumshmiere, Caterina Barbieri, Christian Vogel, Barbara Morgernstern, Lucid Grain, CYRK, Kebu, Kypski, Tilted Circle, POND

Saturday is dedicated to education, with workshops on Modular and DIY.
Entertainment is offered till 11PM most nights, with after party action held at C-Base and the OHM Club - accessible via the boat shuttle which head back into central Berlin on the river Spree.

Trade tickets get you in at 10AM, with regular visitor tickets from 1PM and also tickets are available for 6PM evening tickets. Under 16s get in free.

Tickets available at until May 8th.


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