Free Sequencer For VCV Rack

Entropia Thermodynamic Microstate Sequencer is the latest module in the Geodesics collection      06/02/19

Entropia is a new sequencer available for free in the Geodesics collection, for VCV Rack, by Pyer and Marc BoulŽ.

A spokesperson told us, "This module can be a melodic sequencer, a controllable random source, a sequenced series of VCAs, and every possible mix of each. It is an 8-step sequencer with two values per step, and a probability to select one of the two values. The resulting sequence is achieved by switching or adding the two values. Both values can be a sequence of voltages, a range controlled random source, or an external source. "

- 8 steps sequencer
- 3 modes per sequence
- 2 ways to blend the sequences (add or switch)
- Probability of blend per step
- General probability offset
- Random playing mode
- CV generator
- Random source
- Sequenced VCA

Pricing and Availability:

Free download here.

More information:






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