NAMM 2019: Guitar Accessories You Might Want

Thimble Slide and Pebble Pedal Board      31/01/19

There's a heck of a lot of smaller companies showing innovative products dotted about the halls, some of which we get to see by chance. We have a couple here that may be of interest to the twangers amongst you.

First up is Thimble Slide - a neat solution for playing slide guitar without sacrificing a finger (figuratively of course). its small size manes the finger tip can still be used, the knuckle will still bend and allow for regular playing. Available via for around 22-25 USD

And now the Endaw Guitarman Pebble Pedal board, a neat solution for mounting effects pedals with a carry handle and cable routing to keep the whole thing tidy. Additionally they showed us  multi-port regulated power supply which can also be fed from a USB power source, including rechargable battery pack. 

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