NAMM 2019: RØDECaster Pro Goes Multitrack

GB Firmware update 1.1.0 includes a more user-friendly interface and multitrack recording      24/01/19

NAMM 2019: RØDECaster Pro Goes Multitrack

RØDE Microphones has announced that the world’s first fully integrated podcast production console, the RØDECaster Pro, will get a firmware update 1.1.0 in February 2019, which includes a more user-friendly interface and channel selection, plus multitrack recording.

They say that all existing customers will be able to update their RØDECaster Pro with multitrack recording, and all new units will feature the update, making 2018’s most compelling piece of audio equipment the must-have console in 2019 for podcasters of any level.

The multitrack feature will record 14 tracks:
• A stereo ‘live mix’ track, as featured on the RØDECaster Pro since its release
• A mono track for each of the 4 microphone inputs
• A stereo track each for the USB, 3.5mm TRRS, Bluetooth and sound pad channels

To activate multitrack recording, simply access the Advanced settings in the Hardware section of the RØDECaster Pro’s touchscreen interface. From there, a single switch engages 'Multi-Channel' mode for multitrack recording.

Group CEO, Damien Wilson had this to say, “The reception of the RØDECaster Pro has been exceptional. The RØDECaster Pro is a world-first – a complete game-changer that has revolutionised podcast production. People who have only dreamed of podcasting are now able to do so, thanks to the simplicity of the RØDECaster Pro.But for us, launching the product was never the finish line. We continue to refine and improve the software features of the RØDECaster Pro, with the first significant upgrade being the addition of multitrack recording to the RØDECaster Pro’s capability. Whether you choose to mix live or edit in post, the RØDECaster Pro is the perfect solution for EVERY podcaster.”

Pricing and Availability:
The 1.1.0 firmware update will be available to download in February from

More information:


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