NAMM 2019: Native Instruments News

US New releases deliver affordability, portability, and deep integration for DJs and producers      24/01/19

NAMM 2019: Native Instruments News

Following its biggest ever release in September 2018, Native Instruments has now announced what they say are four new easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful products. Included are two new KOMPLETE audio interfaces, the most portable KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard to date, a new free tier of the KOMPLETE production suite, and a new generation of the TRAKTOR DJ app. These new products are accompanied by a refresh of, the expansion of Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) to include loops and samples, and tighter integration of with updated MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL software – further integrating NI’s connected ecosystem of creative tools into one seamless workflow. Here's the full story in NI's own words...

With some of Native Instruments lowest price points and most user-friendly products to date, these releases mark another major milestone in the company’s journey towards making musical creativity more intuitive and accessible to all.

New starting points for producers and DJs
For producers, the release includes new hardware and software in the KOMPLETE range. A new 32-key portable keyboard, KOMPLETE KONTROL M32, is designed to provide the same hands-on workflow and comprehensive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) integration as the S-Series and A-Series controllers, but with a smaller footprint and a lower price point. Available in March, the M32 comes with everything a new producer needs to sketch out, tweak, and finalize a track. The package includes MASCHINE Essentials, Ableton Live 10 Lite, NI’s acclaimed MONARK synthesizer, and more.

The M32 is joined by KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2 – the first two offerings in a new range of slick, easy-to-use audio interfaces. Both are available from March 19, and offer pristine sound quality with different in/out connection options. The interfaces include a generous software package, featuring synths, effects, MASCHINE Essentials, and Ableton Live 10 Lite – again providing everything a producer needs to create full tracks from start to finish. KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2 will also be welcomed by a wide community of singer-songwriters, YouTubers, podcasters, and gamers looking for great sound.

Now everyone can explore the acclaimed sound of NI's KOMPLETE production suites, with the introduction of KOMPLETE START – an entirely free collection featuring 15 studio-quality instruments, 2 effects, and a best-of selection of nearly 1,500 loops and samples from Expansions sound packs. Included is the floor-shaking low-end of TRK-01 Bass, the vibrant synth sounds of MIKRO PRISM, and expertly-crafted sampled instruments ranging from electric pianos to drum machines. The collection also includes creative sound design tools, essential effects like the SUPERCHARGER tube compressor, and more.

For DJs, NI lifts the lid on TRAKTOR DJ 2: A new version of TRAKTOR designed to work with iPad, PC, and Mac, both standalone and with the recently released TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 controller. Geared towards DJs of all levels – whether at home, on stage, or on the move – TRAKTOR DJ 2 features smart track recommendations, an easy-to-learn workflow, and integration with a vast online library of tracks via SoundCloud GO+. The app is built on an entirely new code base, and is the first TRAKTOR software designed for both iOS and desktop environments. This not only brings a new look and feel to TRAKTOR’s professional DJ software, but also allows NI’s developers to expand the platform over time. TRAKTOR DJ 2 will be available to purchase in Spring 2019 via the NI Online Shop and the Apple App Store. It will also be included with new purchases of TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, and made available as a free download for current users of the Mk3 S2.

Commenting on the releases, Native Instruments CEO and co-founder, Daniel Haver, said: “Following our vision that anyone can make music, today’s announcements demonstrate our continued removal of barriers to music creation. Our hardware and software releases deliver new entry points for creators of every level, integration puts millions of loops and samples at artist's fingertips, and we continue to push industry standards with NKS. Lastly, a universal Native ID login creates a seamless experience for our customers, better connecting our services and platforms.”

One connected ecosystem, one integrated experience
NI’s loops and samples platform has been growing rapidly since launching in 2018. The service is now available in 21 territories worldwide, and has added over one million loops and one-shots to its library, including exclusive packs from Diplo, Junkie XL, Ski Beatz, Trap Money Benny, and other leading artists. Today, receives further updates with new shareable user Collections, and credits that roll over from month to month. From February, all loops and samples on will be NKS-tagged and easily accessible. Collections will also sync to KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE with a single click for easy tag-based browsing and a drag-and-drop workflow in any DAW.

Furthermore, all NI users will soon be welcomed to the world of with the introduction of Native ID – a single sign-on mechanism. This will give anyone with a Native Instruments account instant access to the free tier without re-registering, plus an option for trial membership, which provides 75 download credits and full access for two weeks. users will also be welcomed into the Native Instruments ecosystem via their existing login details. In addition, purchasers of new Native Instruments production hardware will be entitled to an extended trial, with two months of the Essential plan to explore the full library.

The latest KOMPLETE KONTROL software update makes the workflow-enhancing tool free for everyone as part of KOMPLETE START. Coming in February, KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.1 introduces integration and a built-in sample player, allowing producers to easily integrate their Collections into any DAW-based workflow. This update further consolidates KOMPLETE KONTROL as a powerful browsing hub, now integrating hardware, software, instruments, effects, loops, and samples. Previously exclusive to owners of KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware, users of any MIDI controller can now get hands on with their instruments, effects, and samples via a simple, one-time macro mapping that brings full control of everything in the NKS universe to any setup.

Following suit is MASCHINE software, with a 2.8 update that brings into the heart of the beat-making experience. Once synced online, samples and loops appear in the MASCHINE browser, tagged and ready-to-use – providing MASCHINE producers with an ever-expanding library of sounds that caters to all genres of music.

Chief Innovation Officer, Mate Galic said: “We believe that a deeply integrated and intuitive ecosystem of tools, sounds, and services will transform the creation landscape and open up new possibilities for creators worldwide. This can only be achieved through collaboration at an industry level, and with this release, and NKS continue to play a crucial role in threading together not only NI products, but also third-party tools, sounds, and services. With all three core Native Instruments brands now connected to powerful cloud platforms, we’re excited to move closer to this vision.”

Pricing and Availability:


KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 is a micro-sized keyboard controller that gives you the tools you need to go from first note to finished track, every step of the way.
Available March 6, 2019
129 USD, 119 EUR, 14800 JPY, 99 GBP, 189 AUD, 169 CAD, 899 CYN.


A pair of simple, two-channel audio interfaces. Along with pristine sound quality, they come with all the software needed to record, polish, and finish ideas.
Available March 19, 2019
KOMPLETE AUDIO 1: 109 USD, 99 EUR, 12,800 JPY, 79 GBP, 139 CAD, 799 CYN, 149 AUD
KOMPLETE AUDIO 2: 139 USD, 129 EUR, 16,800 JPY, 109 GBP, 179 CAD, 999 CYN, 209 AUD


Serious DJing, made seriously easy. A DJ app that allows everybody to mix anywhere. Includes powerful tools for creative mixing, and a never-ending record collection with SoundCloud Go+ integration.

Available spring 2019
49 USD, 49 EUR, 6280 JPY, 44 GBP, 79 AUD, 69 CAD, 379 CNY


A free production suite of over 2000 studio-quality sounds from the KOMPLETE universe. KOMPLETE START features 15 instruments, 2 effects, and a greatest-hits collection of loops and samples from some of the most popular Expansions sound packs.

Available February



Free update to MASCHINE introduces one-click syncing with content. Once synced, samples and loops automatically appear in the MASCHINE library – tagged, and ready to be thrown straight into the beat.

Released February 2019 as a free update via Native Access.


An intuitive tool that organizes NKS instruments, effects, presets, controller mappings, and now loops and samples. With the latest update, KOMPLETE KONTROL software becomes free for everyone with KOMPLETE START. Also included is a new built-in sampler, support for any MIDI-capable controller, and one-click sync for Collections.

Released February 2019 as part of KOMPLETE START or as a free update via Native Access.

Now home to over one million loops and samples, begins 2019 by giving users access to their Collections directly inside their DAW projects – thanks to powerful new integration with KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE software coming in February.

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