NAMM 2019: Akai Keys For The Road

US MPK Road 88 is a hammer-action keyboard controller for touring professionals      24/01/19

NAMM 2019: Akai Keys For The Road

Akai Professional has announced the introduction of their new MPK Road 88, a keyboard controller with their exclusive Model-A premium 88-key velocity-sensitive keybed with aftertouch, 4-output USB soundcard, MIDI in/out connectors and three variable pedal inputs, all neatly integrated into a tough road-ready travel case with carrying handle.

A spokesperson told us, "This is the ideal keyboard controller for the touring professional, combining both the great feel of hammer action keys and the creative versatility of a built-in soundcard so players can incorporate their virtual instrument libraries seamlessly into their performance."

Here's more details direct from Akai Pro...

Model-A Keybed, an Akai Professional Exclusive, for Amazing Feel
For the serious professional keyboardist, feel is everything. That’s what separates truly great instruments from ordinary ones. Akai Professional—a recognized industry leader in keyboard technology and innovation—has spent over two years of intense engineering research and development creating the Model-A keybed. This hammer-action, velocity-sensitive keybed delivers an incredibly natural and responsive feel, absolutely unmatched by any instrument anywhere near its price.

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Instruments
Virtual Instruments play a pivotal role in both studio music production and live performances, offering players countless sounds and effects to shade and color their music. With Road 88’s integrated class-compliant 4-output soundcard and superior player-centric response, users can route their virtual instruments to mixers and monitoring sources simultaneously for a truly hassle-free setup. This keyboard enables players to manage and employ their VI collection to maximum effect, with a keybed designed for optimum expressive capability.

Easy Connectivity Combined with Creative Expression
Thanks to dual expression pedal inputs, a sustain pedal input, 5-pin MIDI-In and MIDI-Out ports and class compliant USB connectivity, Road 88 connects to any outboard gear and is ready for any situation. Everything the professional Keyboard player is thoughtfully included. Pitch and Mod Wheels combine with a dedicated volume control, transpose functionality and split modes for complete versatility and adaptability in any performance environment where core-workstation control is required.

Road Ready
With Road 88, everything the professional needs is all available in one portable package. Fusing a vintage-inspired travel case with carry handle, this premium-response keyboard is ready to withstand the rigors of the road. Forget complicated rigs—with Road 88, players will focus on what’s important: delivering their best performance!


  •     88-key velocity-sensitive, graded hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch
  •     On-board 4 output USB Soundcard built-in with 2 TRS Aux and 2 TRS main outputs
  •     MIDI-In and MIDI-Out connectors for connection to sound modules, sequencers and more
  •     3 variable pedal inputs (standard footswitch and variable pedal compatible
  •     Transpose, Split and Preset selection Controls
  •     Dedicated volume control for precise adjustment of Main, Aux and Headphone outputs
  •     Integrated road-ready travel case with carry handle


"The MPK Road 88 keyboard controller is exactly what the demanding touring professional has been asking for,” said Dan Gill, Product Manager for Akai Professional. “Here’s a unit that combines everything professionals want—an 88-key, velocity-sensitive hammer-action keybed, built-in soundcard for seamless integration of their virtual instrument library and all the connectivity to handle any situation with ease. Add in the rugged road case, and the pro finally has everything they want, all in one package.”

Pricing and Availability:

The Akai Professional MPK Road 88 will be available in Q1 2019.

U.S. retail will be $899.00

More information:




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