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KROME EX offers an updated sound set and a user bank with over 1,500 Programs      16/01/19

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KORG says that the new KROME EX is a sonic renewal of the classic keyboard with an updated sound set to support performance and production of modern electronic genres. It also offers updated go-to sounds including pianos, electric pianos,and drums.

James Sajeva, Director of Music Technology Brands at KORG USA, Inc.told us, “KROME has been an incredibly popular instrument for many years, thanks to its versatile sound set and streamlined, touchscreen-based layout. The EX delivers even greater diversity that is sure to appeal to a very wide base of producers and performers. It’s all about delivering the very best sounds in the familiar format that has made KROME so successful.”

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The extended user bank has widened with over 1,500 Programs and more than 700 Combis (multi-sound setups). KROME EX has a total of 4.0 GM PCM;the highest in its class. The PCM set includes a completely-new grand piano, as well as an upright piano inherited from KORG’s Grandstage. In addition, KORG has provided additional contemporary EDM sounds such as: synths, drums, Latin and Caribbean sounds, SFX and more. Aesthetically, KROME EX features a sleek, eye-catching slate-grey aluminium panel; and still with the gorgeous full-color touchscreen that makes the KROME so easy to navigate. The KROME EX comes in 61, 73 or 88 keys.

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The KROME EX will be available early 2019. Pricing is TBD

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