Check Out Elektron's Overbridge 2.0

Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta has started      16/01/19

Check Out Elektron's Overbridge 2.0

Elektron has announced the public beta of Overbridge 2.0, following several rounds of internal and closed beta testing.

Overbridge is an immensely useful tool for musicians, offering an abundance of possibilities when using Elektron devices together with computers. By bridging the gap between hardware and software, the Overbridge technology allows Elektron users to utilize – and enhance – their hardware instruments in new and powerful ways.

Highlighted features of the Public Beta include:

  • Use your Overbridge-enabled Elektron instruments as stand-alone applications or as VST plugins in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  • Control your Elektron instruments in detail from a clear and beautiful graphical user interface.
  • Elegantly stream audio between Elektron instruments and DAW over USB.
  • Process your DAW tracks with Elektron instrument effects.
  • Save an Elektron instrument project as part of DAW project.
  • A Standalone Editor and VST Plugin for Mac and Windows are available for: Digitakt, Analog Heat, Analog Four, Analog Rytm and Analog Keys. The Digitone Standalone Editor and Plugin are currently in development and will be released at a later date.


This is a public beta, rather than a stable release, so issues will likely be encountered and should be reported via Elektron’s support channels. The public beta will continue until a stable version is available for release.


Visit to download Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta

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