Korg Minilogue XD - Adds Digital Engine, Better Sequencer

Features from Proglogue and Minilogue      15/01/19

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Korg's Minilogue when it first arrived was the first truly affordable analogue poly  - it was pretty much universally well received - we loved it (see our review).

Today Korg announced the new Korg Minilogue XD which takes the analogue four voice engine and adds  digital multi engine effects which also provides a 3rd oscillator with three different types of sound generation: noise, VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) and a user slot which means it can be loaded up with third party models (up to 16 user slots) similar to the Prologue - we're seeing a number of dvelopers bring these out.

The filter has also been tweaked to add a more solid low end response as well as a new Drive switch for - er a more driven filter sound.

The sequencer, which was a great feature on the original Minilogue gets an upgrade, with 16 dedicated buttons, and offer the same four lane motion sequencer (parameter recording).

Last but not least Korg have added a joystick for pitch and modulation, micro tuning presets, plus a display mode showing the motion sequencing lanes.

Output is now stereo - as the digital FX are stereo, you also get a sustain pedal input and two CV inputs.

Looks like the Miniloge XD will arrive in the UK next week, priced at around £565/$619.99

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