Wusik Releases EVE V5

New version of the Electronic Vintage Ensemble synth for Mac and Windows      14/01/19

Wusik has released EVE V5, the latest version of their EVE Electronic Vintage Ensemble. A spokesperson said, “EVE has been a great plugin for quick sound creation, with a simpler interface, when compared to Wusik Station and Wusik 8008. But sadly it has been forgotten in time and never got a proper update for modern coding, until now.”

What's new for Wusik EVE V5?

  •     New Engine with more options: 4 x "OSC" slots instead of 3 from the previous version. 4 x LFOs with extra features. Two SFX slots that can load multiple effects. Each "OSC" has a Double option where it adds a secondary "OSC" and the Transpose+Fine Tune will only adjust the primary "OSC". Separated Amplitude, Filter and Pitch Envelopes with extra options. Multiple Filters per "OSC".
  •     New modern code using the same engine as Wusik Station V9 and Wusik 8008
  •     Native Windows/OSX 64 bits support (plus 32 bits version for older machines)
  •     Suport for more audio sound formats including SFZ and SF2
  •     New file browser, just like on the other products
  •     More filter types
  •     More effects
  •     Multi Preset Support (Full Multi Timbral)
  •     Microtunning support
  •     Crossplatform: PC Windows and MAC OSX
  •     16 Gig Sound Collection, the same that comes with the other products.
  •     Several features took from Wusik Station V9 and Wusik 8008 Engine.
  •     This initial release does not come with all previous presets, only the SoundSets. Later on Wusik will release a new version that will load older Bank (of presets) files. For now it already has presets on which you can change the sounds using the complete sound collection that comes with it.


Pricing and Availability:

$ 49.95. Also available as part of a bundle

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