Expand Your DFAM Or Other Modular With FamilyTool

Kickstarter launch for MULT-OR-SWITCH sidecar      03/01/19

UNCPROP Modular have released FamilyTool a sidecar modular function extension in 20hp Eurorack designed to fit in with the Moog DFAM or Mother-32 although of course it will  work with many other modular systems.

Comprising of the FamilyTool module and the UNCPROP 20hp case

  • 6 A/B switches including two OR-mixers
  • Passive MULT
  • Double, triple or quadruple your inputs - millionize your creative output
  • Attenuated switching between two sources to one dedicated out – or vice versa
  • Up to six switchable routings allow to prepare multiple patches at the same time
  • Switch modulation destinations and sound sources immediately - whenever wanted
  • Control the amount of your sources or mute them instantly

The FamilyTool is available on Kickstarter - ending January 20th with a delivery expected in July 2019. Starting at €199.

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