Classic Synth-Inspired Gift From Ableton

Ableton offers synth-nostalgia Pack of instruments as holiday giveaway for Live 10 users      20/12/18

Classic Synth-Inspired Gift From Ableton

Ableton is offering all Live 10 users a festive Thank You in the shape of a free Pack of classic-synth-inspired instruments – which you can download now from the Ableton site.

The Pack, named Singularities, makes use of single samples and finely tuned Simpler/Sampler parameters to capture the sound and feel of vintage gear. Included are 40 Instrument Racks, plus MIDI clips and drum kits.

Ableton’s lead sound designer Huston Singletary developed the instruments, fine-tuning the more intricate features of Live’s onboard devices (like filter, pitch and volume envelope slopes and key tracking) to recreate expressive and realistic playback reminiscent of the original hardware.

The instruments also recreate the quirks of classic samplers, whose single-sample playback offered a rawer and more digital signature sound.

Pricing and Availability:
Singularities is free, and works with all editions of Ableton Live 10 from Live Lite to Suite.

The Pack is available to download now.

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