Behringer Have Been Shopping For Old Synths

We think we know some of what they bought is      20/12/18

Behringer have been teasing about a road trip down to our neck of the woods, where we hear that there's been a sale of a private stash of 80s keyboards recently auctioned.

Behriinger have been running a photo story thread  and asking whether we know what it is they have been purchasing. Well we think we've got an inkling...

The pile of road-worn flight cases, soon to be loaded into the Behringer wagon  and taken back to the research labs in Manchester bear a striking resemblance to the items listed in the recent Tears For Fears sale of which we have acquired some photos:

Boxes of Behringer

Most certainly the middle  case says Prophet V on it, and the bottom (TFF33) probably contains an Emulator II  - see original auction snap below.

As far as the other boxes, we're not sure, but the other large one might just be this guy:

They do look like they have seen better days - goodness knows where they have been stored, but there's some lovely stuff there, I mean who wouldn't want a DX1?

Not sure if these are for personal use, or a bit of R&D....

Thanks to Jane for the spot (you know who you are!)


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