Forthcoming Fairlight Emulation Video Preview

SamPlight 2X+ VST models the whole Fairlight CMI IIX      17/12/18

Aly James Lab has posted a short preview of the upcoming SamPlight 2X+ VST which is said to accurately model the whole Fairlight CMI IIX. Aly said,  "The playing itself involves 16 Times oversampling and zero interpolation + analog circuit emulation. All the quirks of the original are there, including some "JUSTIFY" glitches, loop points scanning artefacts etc..There were some refinement on the usability but do not expect a super fast modern workflow, I tried to kept it as close as can be for a reason!"

Here's details from the developer on how the work is progressing...

What is currently done:

  • PAGE 2 - DISK CONTROL(done: load and save real original .VC files and attached .CO files, version 4.3 and 4.4 including MODE 1 params aka FFT, loading .IN aka Instruments files is in the works..)
  • PAGE 3 KEYBOARD CONTROL(almost done)
  • PAGE 5 WAVEFORM GENERATION(done but needs some additional GUI work)
  • PAGE 6 WAVEFORM DRAWING(done but needs some more work)
  • PAGE 7 CONTROL PARAMETERS(done) PAGE 8 SOUND SAMPLING(done, include importing .WAV Files for resampling through the emulated circuitry)
  • PAGE D WAVEFORM DISPLAY(done, include some other views like POLAR view in addition to the iconics Fairlight ISO an LINEAR views)
  • PAGE F USER DEFINED FUNCTIONS(done but needs some GUI work)

Lot of things are added within the limitation of what the Fairlight could have done with some extra memory:

  • FM Synthesis capabilities, including using waveform memory as a modulator.
  • Spectrum Convolution (convolve between 2 spectrum)
  • Spectrum Resynthesis manipulation(Harmonic Frequency bins offsets per Harmonic etc..)
  • Two ways TimeStrech ( the CMI IIX allowed to increase the duration of the waveform memory only, now you can also reduce it)


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