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NoteMatrix aims to give your Pad Controller a whole new life      13/12/18

HD Instruments tells us that NoteMatrix is a elegant and sophisticated Kontakt multi-script, comprised of a 12-cell matrix. A spokesperson told us, "NoteMatrix basically gives your Pad Controller a whole new life. By simplifying the integration process, it just becomes super useful!"

This how they describe what it does…

NoteMatrix grabs incoming MIDI notes from your pad controller (or any other MIDI hardware), and swaps them in real-time with other MIDI notes and channels of your choice. Most importantly - it saves your mapping withing your DAW/Kontakt Multi.

This allows you to:

  •     Match your hardware and software quickly and painlessly.
  •     Save the mapping within Kontakt /DAW track preset/NoteMatrix preset, for perfect recall every time.
  •     Nearly eliminate all need to reprogram your Pad Controller, with an external MIDI editor.
  •     Eliminate 90% of the need to reprogram your Pad Controller physically.
  •     Play any melodic instrument (using the Lengthen Knob).


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