Atlas AI-Powered Drum Sampler Updated

v1.3 includes features that improve the workflow of creating and editing visual maps      03/12/18

Algonaut has launched the latest v1.3 update to their AI powered drum sampler, Atlas. They say that they are calling it 'The AI and Map update' and tell us that it includes a number of features that improve the workflow of creating and editing visual maps from your own samples packs.

Atlas is a software sampler that uses AI to find and organize all your samples into visual maps. With all your samples identified, you can create complete kits in one click and use these to instantly remix your drum tracks, or as inspiration for starting new songs.

A spokesperson told us, "You can now add folders and use 're-analyze' to update and finely tune a previously made map. Once a map is made, optionally see a 'heatmap' of the samples that you have liked or disliked. Samples can now also be deleted individually from maps and we have added several other sample management controls. There are also new 'MIDI note mapping' controls for our drum controller users so they can use Atlas hands free from their computer while creating and performing with kits. Several other minor tweaks, improvements and fixes have been included as well."

Pricing and Availability:
Atlas is available for $99

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