Percussa Kickstarts mSSP Eurorack Module

micro Super Signal Processor DSP module is based on one of the fastest ARM processors      28/11/18

Percussa Kickstarts mSSP Eurorack Module

Building on their larger SSP Eurorack module, Percussa has started a Kickstarter campaign for the micro Super Signal Processor (mSSP) Eurorack Module, which they describe as a powerful Eurorack DSP module based on one of the fastest ARM processors available, the quad core Cortex A17 at 1.8GHz, and high end AKM audio converters offering 8 in / 4 out with up to 192kHz sample rate and 32-bit resolution.

Percussa says that the mSSP is the smaller, lower cost but equally powerful version of the successful Percussa SSP eurorack module which was funded on Kickstarter last year. They tell us that it comes with 50 modular synthesis patches offering polyphonic wavetable, granular, sampling and traditional synthesis techniques, multi-channel audio processing and much more, all in only 26HP of rack space.

Pricing and Availability:

$549 (see Kickstarter page for other options)

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