SampleCorder Synth Module Re-Issued

Synthetic Sound Labs MU format module is a tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey      22/11/18

SampleCorder Synth Module Re-Issued

Synthetic Sound Labs has released its new 1451 SampleCorder module, which they say is the long-awaited re-issue of their original, much sought-after model 1450, adding to its growing line of (DOTCOM) compatible analog synthesizer modules. This is the story in their own words...

The SampleCorder is a humble tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey and the early musique-concrete pioneers, where small snips of recording tapes were pieced together into new forms of musical expression. The 1451 allows the use of analog sound samples that can be played back with electronic precision. SSL is pleased that the SampleCorder was officially endorsed by none other than the late, great Jean-Jacques Perrey himself!

The SampleCorder is designed around a vintage ISD2560 analog voice recorder chip. A compander chip is added to greatly reduce noise and improve clarity. The overall fidelity is audibly much better than simple 8-bit samplers.

Each 1451 module can hold two audio samples, each from a few milliseconds up to a several seconds. Each sample can be independently triggered manually via a panel mounted button, or by a gate pulse. Once triggered, the sample will play to the end of the sample and stop. If the gate signal is still present, the sample will repeat for as long as the gate is applied, though premature retriggering or early truncation of a sample is not possible. Samples are stored in non-volatile memory, so power loss should not affect the memory.

Sample playback speeds may be adjusted from normal, to nasty sounding clicks and buzzes, to nearly one octave / double speed above recording speed with a convenient front panel “Pitch” control. The “Pitch CV” input is roughly exponential (don’t expect tracking) and may require external attenuation to adjust the range to a convenient level. Record speed is fixed. 1 to 1 playback speed/pitch is usually at about “6” on the Pitch knob. This will be the normal position for this knob, unless you require pitch / time bending effects.

The “PLAYING” output jack provides a “high” gate for the entire length of the sample being played back. It can be useful for triggering other SampleCorders, sequencers and envelope generators for even more crazy fun.

In Record mode, the Status LED will flash, and new samples are recorded whenever either the “START” (1 or 2) button is pressed or the “GATE” (1 or 2) signal is applied. The sample length is determined the length of these events. Each new sample will over-write any previous samples on that channel. The SampleCorder has a convenient record level input attenuator and an overload LED indicator so you’ll always know when you’re near the maximum level.

Though the SampleCorder is not a “looper” and its fidelity is a bit limited, musicians will undoubtedly find many creative uses for this unique module.

Top quality ¼” enclosed output jacks permit smooth, effortless patching. Quality solder masked, fiberglass-epoxy printed circuit boards, precision automated robotics and meticulous hand-crafted assembly assure years of trouble-free service.

Synthetic Sound Labs has been in the analog synthesizer business since 1973. The 1451 is yet another in SSL’s growing line of new analog synthesizer modules. Proudly made in the USA.

Pricing and Availability:
 $345 US

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