Serge Joins Random Source - More Modules Coming

R*S already make Serge clones, more on the way      14/11/18

Serge Tcherepnin, the original creator of the highly regarded Serge Modular Synthesizer, has now joined Random*Source - they've been making Serge modules under license for some years now.

Serge himself will become the Random Source CTO and his arrival will bring some previously unreleased modules and some new innovative designs too.

Serge Tcherepnin + Radom Source

Serge Tcherepnin is a fascinating fellow, studying music under Pierre Boulez and Quincy Jones. His musical travels saw him become friends with Deliah Derbyshire and creating designs for Morton Subotnick and Malcolm Cecil amongst others.

 I’m excited to work even more closely with Ralf and the Random*Source team as we share the tech savviness, obsession with quality and constant urge to push limits further. The main goal is to expand the range of modules and sub-modules that lend themselves to being "patch-programmed" in unusual and unforeseen ways, thus to add to and expand musicians' studio synthesizers way past standard synth configurations. I’d like to see the Serge system to grow wide and large, modules all talking to each other, whether they originated in my Hollywood lair in '75, or in the '80s on Haight Street, or now, coming from Random*Source.

Random*Source are based in Germany with a mission to continue the development of the Serge system while using modern manufacturing methods to improve the quality and performance.

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