Klark Technik's Affordable 1176, LA 2A And Pultec Remakes

Hardware at plug-in prices      09/11/18

Klark Technik's Affordable 1176, LA 2A And Pultec Remakes

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This one may have slipped under the radar for many, as the originals of these classic studio units are often seen in higher end studios and therefore seem out of reach. But Klark Technik - with some special sauce from Midas - the transformers specifically, has announced affordable remakes of three classic pieces of studio kit. 

1176-KT  (top)-Classic FET-Style Compressor modeled on the original D and E version 1176LN which features super fast attack times and compression through to limiting at 20:1

EQP-KT  (middle)- tube based Pultec style EQ - "the" vintage studio EQ which amongst other things can make an 808 really pump and sizzle, also often used for final mastering EQ.

KT-2A (bottom)- that classic LA-2A  silverface levelling amplifier based on the Teletronix unit which was revered for its smooth musical sound - features hand selected vacuum tubes and the same optical gain reduction which has a softer and slower response.

Klark Teknik are owned by Behringer and as a result have just been subject to some major price reductions meaning these units (expected availability later this month) have become very affordable.

1176-KT - £181, EQP-KT £181,KT-2A £271

These units are listed as coming into stock at various retailers around mid to late November.



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