Elysia Announces Limited-Edition xpressor

500 series compressor gets that metallic meteorite look      02/11/18

Elysia Announces Limited-Edition xpressor

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elysia has unveiled its xpressor 500 meteor, a new limited-edition version of its best-selling xpressor 500 compressor that they say remains the same sonically, but boasts a completely unique appearance reminiscent of metallic meteorites found in the greatest natural science museums all over the world. This is what they have to say about it…

The thrilling 3D-structured surface of the special aluminum involved in making the xpressor 500 meteor live up to its name was never meant to be used for front panels of high-grade audio equipment, not least that its pleasing patterns are actually the result of gigantic buzz saws used to cut the massive blocks into big slices.

This rough surface is not exactly easy to work with, however; yet — after many experiments — elysia has managed to create a smooth, anodized panel with all the details reflecting beautifully in changing light. Labeling has been burned into the highly-structured aluminum with a special MOPA laser.

“We are very happy that we could tame this tough material and finally turn it into high-grade faceplates,” says elysia co-founder Dominik Klassen. “It has certainly been a lot of effort, but the result is simply breathtaking.”

Pricing and Availability:

The xpressor 500 meteor will be strictly limited to 100 modules worldwide, and is available for purchase from select elysia dealers.

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