SoundMIT Italy Set To Be The Biggest Yet

November 3-4th Turin      31/10/18

SoundMIT Italy Set To Be The Biggest Yet

Coming up on November 3/4th, SoundMIT the International Sound Summit, which started out as a synth meet in 2011 is set to be the biggest yet and has become the largest of its kind in Southern Europe.

This year there will be a good showing of new poly synths with the Moog One, Schmidt, The River and the Yamaha Synth Museum - where some of Yamaha's flagship synths will be on display.

There are also workshops (Acoustic treatment, Ableton Live 10, Mastering, and Serum) performances and an exhibition floor with a good showing of manufacturers.

SoundMIT venue

The event runs over two days at Teatro Lavanderia a Vapore. Details on getting there and discounted accommodation are available here. A two day pass is an eminently reasonable €18 available on the ticketing page

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