Sci-Fi Vehicle Sound Synthesizer

SpaceMotors is designed to create unlimited Sci-fi vehicle sounds      22/10/18

Le Sound tells us that SpaceMotors is a sci-fi vehicle sound synthesizer for Mac and Windows that can easily create complex dynamic engine sounds such as Podracers, Transformers, Tron, Blade Runner etc...


  • Create complex Sci-fi vehicle sound with a single knob.
  • Auto link modulation to generate dynamic accel/decel behaviors.
  • From pure oscillator sounds to aggressive machine sounds.
  • Rich factory preset collections for instant creation.



  • 1 - Speed is the main control for creating acceleration and deceleration effects. It functions as a global control to the other modules.
  • 2 - Oscillator module uses three oscillators to generate complex harmonic sounds.
  • 3 - Reactor module uses delay-based effects to pitch-shift the harmonic sounds generated by Oscillator.
  • 4. Noise module adds a filtered noise layer. It provides an excellent variety for spacy hiss sounds.
  • 5. Granulator module generates the “core character” of the Spacemotor sounds beyond subtractive synthesis, allowing to create a wide variety of vehicle sounds.
  • 6. Tremolo & Vibrato Effects apply complex modulation behaviors.


Pricing and Availability:

149,00 € Excluding VAT

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