Pipes - Music Creation Done Differently

Instrument/sampler/audio device claims to make creating digital music easier      16/10/18

Pipes - Music Creation Done Differently

Synesthesia Corporation, the people behind music creation products such as the Mandala Drum, Eyris, and Dimension Beam (D-Beam) have launched Pipes, which they describe as a new category of music creation product. Here's the press release that they have sent us...

Pipes makes creating digital music easier for users on stage and in studio.

“Pipes is the most powerful instrument/sampler/audio device ever made,” said Cosmo Jones, Executive Creative Director at The Boathouse (Pipes’ Agency of Record). “It fits in your hand and costs less than a smartphone.”

The product, currently available via a pre-launch offering on Kickstarter, is the culmination of years of research and development. It combines capabilities traditionally siloed between MIDI input devices and production software on computers and workstations to create a singular device for studio and stage.

Pipes uses groundbreaking core technology to out-horsepower laptops, outperform samplers, and get better over time. It offers the convenience of a touchscreen tablet-style interface, the flexibility of an open-source software platform, and durability for a lifetime of onstage or studio use.

“I created this for musicians of any skill level or experience,” said Vince De Franco, Founder at Synesthesia Corp. “We believe creators deserve a powerful instrument they can use immediately in any environment. We don’t plan to release a new version every few years. Instead, we hope users take advantage of free lifetime software updates and use their Pipes for many years to come.”

Pipes offers a large onboard library of pristine, original, high-quality instruments, loops, and sounds. It also allows musicians to import, manipulate, and play their own samples. Parallel Access Zero Discernible Latency Technology means the entire library is always loaded and ready to play.

“Early consumer interactions with Pipes prove that stage musicians, sound producers, and audio fanatics are hungry for this machine,” said De Franco. “We’re excited to introduce a truly unique category of music creation product.”

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