Tone Science 2 - Elements And Particles Now Available

On Ian Boddy's Din Label      12/10/18

Tone Science 2 - Elements And Particles Now Available

Tone Science is a sub label of Ian Boddy's Din Records which, with this second release, continues to explore the world of Modular Synth Music.

The 9 track album titled: Tone Science 2 - Elements and Particles, features tracks from Todd Barton - who's know for his Buchla work, Bluetech, Paul Nagle - long time synth reviewer for SOS, and others. A full track listing follows below.

Available as a limited edition CD (from October 19th) or for  download at Bandcamp now.

1. Todd Barton Floating World 8:41 
This is an exploration of layering various timbres and textures, each having its own 
diverse panning structure and speed. Performed on a Buchla Music Easel with a 
TC Electronic Ditto x4 looper and TC T2 reverb. 

2. Bluetech Magnetic Lullaby 6:36 
Multitracked sequencers in long takes at different clock speeds to get a fractal layer of shifting melodies evolving at different rates with Strymon modulation at different times for complexity. 

3. Parallel Worlds Additive Procedure 5:56 
Eurorack, Analogue Systems and Serge modular systems, using harmonics created via waveshaping/wavefolding & the Verbos Harmonic Oscillator & RS370/375 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator. 

4. Paul Nagle Euneirophrenia 7:52 
The peaceful state of mind after a pleasant dream. In this mellow polymetric excursion, Cirklon's CVIO juggles a Quadnic, NW1, Plonk, Rings and Plaits. 

5. Dave Bessell Overtone 6:37 
Between two worlds, the technical and the theatre of the imagination, the apparently real and the obviously synthetic play hide and seek with your perception. Realised with an all analogue signal path, this is a study in waveguide physical modelling. 

6. Richard Quirk Radar Hill 7:22 
This track is taken from an ongoing collection of music based on abandoned radar stations.  Created with an AJH Eurorack system along with a Voltage Multistage, Bark filter, Magneto delay, Radiomusic and a tube Echoplex. 

7. Hainbach Your Strange Glitter 5:02 
Aiming for purity I focused entirely on the Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter, Sidrax and Cocoquantus. I wanted this piece to feel like “synthesizer music”, clear and shimmering, yet alien, not rooted in a real acoustic space. 

8. Nathan Moody Prophet And Loss 5:02 
This piece was created using a Buchla modular synthesizer (200 & 100 series modules) as a meditation on the false piety of tyrannical populists in the early 21st Century. 

9. r beny Marine Layer 7:02 
Fog conjuring with Mutable Instruments Rings loops being processed by Orthogonal Devices ER-301, Mannequins Three Sisters, and Strymon Magneto. 



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