Synthfest 2018: iSotonik Studios Cutting Edge Max4Live Devices

And the Melody Sauce      08/10/18

iSotonik Studios have been extending the functionality of Ableton Live since they released their first custom scripts for the Akai APC40. Since then they have released many Max For Live devices and extensions. Now with the integration of Max For Live into Live 10, the efficiency has increased considerably making more ambitious devices possible.

Darren took us through the latest devices, including their Melody Sauce which uses machine learning to generate popular synth melodies which have been inspired by popular dance hits of the last 18 months.It draws upon a database and generates random melodies based on that data.

We also saw ClyphX, a control surface extension script which can automate almost any Live functions in super fast time with the customization of a config file. Follow on actions, clip actions, and so much more. Installed as a control surface script.

Also we got a sneak peak of a new max For Live meta editor coming soon from Chaos Culture  Parameter Control Now, allowing quick creation of Max For Live objects and functions without having to get into the nitty gritty of full Max programming. It allows for quick programming of Max patches without having to get too deep into the Max experience. Expected before the end of the year.

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