New Modules For Softube Modular

US Mutable Instruments Braids macro-oscillator and Dopefer A-188-1 BBD device      28/09/18

New Modules For Softube Modular

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Softube has announced two new additions to its Modular software Eurorack synth. Here's their short description of each...

Braids, by Mutable Instruments is a macro-oscillator which emulates dozens of classic synthesis techniques with ‘under-the-hood’ digital algorithms, allowing the user to quickly flip through an encyclopedia of synth, touring the sweet spots with a simple two-knob control set-up.

Doepfer’s A-188-1 Bucket Brigade Device brings gritty seventies solid-state delay-based effects into play. Build your own chorus, flanger, doubler, or ensemble, and CV control delay time for spacey pitch effects (including Karplus-Strong plucked-string synthesis).

Pricing and Availability:

Braids: $45 ($35 intro offer until October 27th)

Doepfer A-188-1: $39 ($29 intro offer until October 27th)

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