Eurythmics From 1983 And Lots More Archive Footage

Juno 60 and Synare Drums      27/09/18

ReelinInTheYears66 Youtube Channel has a ton of archive footage and interviews from the Dutch Countdown TV show which ran from 1977 to 1993 with over 3000 hours of performances and interviews.

In this clip the Eurythimics perform "Sweet Dreams", which features some cracking PWM, with Dave Stewart on Juno 60 and Synare electronic drums - although we suspect its a mime gig.

Back in the day,  this single was really quite groundbreaking, Annie Lennox's vocal style was probably one of the first times a white pop vocal was so soulful. Listening now, it seems quite pedestrian, but how times change...

Whats really odd, is that the audience appear to be facing away from the band and chatting among themselves, must of been the director's decision.

There are many many more archive performances, including more informal footage of rehearsals and some really cheesy interviews and introductions.

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