Give Your ADAM Monitors A Facelift

US ADAM Audio introduces new Skins for its AX Series      26/09/18

In cooperation with Headliner Brands/DJ-Skins, ADAM Audio is introducing a set of five skin stickers for its AX series of monitors. Here's the story in their own words...

Customers who want to give their ADAM monitors of the AX series a new, fresh look, now have the option of customizing their speakers’ look to personal taste. Produced in cooperation with Headliner Brands / DJ Skins, these easily applied skins let users choose from five appealing designs (Grey Wood, Copper, Sunset, Leafage or Ocean). Alternatively, AX Series owners can also use a skin editor to create their own personalized design.

A tutorial video (above) takes users step by step through the process of applying the stickers to the outside of speaker. The removal process is also exceedingly simple and leaves no sticky residues behind, letting customers return their speakers to the standard factory look or apply a new sticker at any time. The AX skins also protect the surface and avoid optical damages.

Pricing and Availability:
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