Spotify Trialing Direct Independent Uploads

Soundcloud, here they come      22/09/18

Spotify Trialing Direct Independent Uploads

Spotify have launched a new Beta feature which allows direct user uploads, where previously it had to be done via a label or digital publishing service.

Currently only available by invitation, Spotify say that its a way to upload music directly, though its not equivalent (as yet) to Soundcloud's instantly online model. Spotify require a few days to check for copyright infringements and/or duplication of material before it can be legitimately launched.

Artwork and basic information appear to be required information, according to the screenshots over at The Verge , though we'd still like to see additional credits offered - producer, engineer etc, information that is lacking in many digital publishing platforms.

Spotify say that there is no firm timetable as to  when this feature will be publicly available, as they are in testing mode, but they have mentioned the split they are offering:

50 percent of Spotify’s net revenue and 100 percent of royalties for the songs they upload

Though as we've seem from various artist reports, the actuality of any potential revenue is usually pretty poor, unless you hit massive numbers. However as a platform for discovery and promotion, it means your music has access to the 83 million paying Spotify subscribers. 

What will make a real difference is the provision of various sharing widgets and embed code so people can put players in their web properties.

Not sure what this means for Soundcloud, but the model is rather different, Souncdloud being more of an easy to use service to get music online, rather than a potential revenue spinner for the artists.

What do you think, will you be uploading?

Original source: The Verge

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