iZotope Launch RX 7 With New Tools And Capabilities

US Repair, rebalance and isolate      13/09/18

iZotope's RX technology has been a game changer for many who work in the field of audio, the ability to repair previously unusable audio means that it can literally save the day in many situations.

From de-clipping hot recordings, to removing reverb, to removing unwanted interjections, its an impressive collection of audio tools.

Today iZotope launch RX 7, the latest version with adds even more:

Comes in 2 versions - regular RX 7, which is aimed more at musicians now includes:

  • Repair Assistant - This industry-first intelligent repair tool analyzes audio to detect noise, clipping, clicks, and more, then offers three processing suggestions at three different intensities to help make fixes faster than ever.

  • Music Rebalance - Using an algorithm trained with machine learning, Music Rebalance performs source separation by intelligently identifying vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments. A user can then individually enhance elements of a stereo audio track, making it possible to adjust a mix without multitracks.

  • Remove/Isolate Vocals - Create instrumental versions of songs by removing the vocal elements, or isolate the vocal to prepare a remix without having access to individual tracks or stems.

Izotope RX 7 Advanced  is more suited to the specific requirements of audio for broadcast and film with tools designed to rescue audio and dialogue - all the original functionality of RX plus these highlights:

  • Dialogue Contour - reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance, powered by pitch correction that is tailored to speech and designed to adjust the inflection of words within a phrase.

  • Dialogue De-reverb - reduce or remove unwanted reverb from dialogue clips using an algorithm trained with machine learning and optimized to separate spoken dialogue from reverberant signal content.

  • Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-ins - save time when fixing production audio by staying within Pro Tools and using new AudioSuite plug-ins to access features like De-Rustle and Dialogue Isolate.

  • Multi-channel support - tackle audio issues that appear in any or every surround channel effortlessly up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Full pricing and upgrade information available: https://www.izotope.com/rxpricing

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