Ouput Releases Arcade V1.1 Update

US Download range, pitch transpose, resizeable gui      07/09/18

Output have just released an update to their Arcade, cloud based sample instrument, which as well as adding a number larger features (see below) includes a lot of minor tweaks.

What's new in 1.1.0

  • Download all kits in a Line with a single click
  • Global pitch transposition via lower keyboard octave
  • Sort by Recently Downloaded
  • Manual entry of parameters via double click + QWERTY
  • Improvements to scrolling within a Line
  • Auto-update notifications/in-app updates
  • Scalable GUI (bigger and smaller)
  • Drag multiple user loops to the keyboard instead of just one
  • Select multiple loop keys and apply a parameter setting to the selection
  • Copy/swap loop keys
  • Copy/swap FX modules

What is Arcade?

With a large and ever expanding online library, (new content is added every day) comprising of kits, which are small, curated sample and loop sets - these are loaded into the player from the cloud connected browser - from within the plug-in itself. Kits are loaded into the plug-in and can be thought of as self contained instruments with up to 15 discrete samples played by the white keys and modified by the black keys and also dedicated controls. Each kit has dedicated macros and effects. You can browse by product line, Kits or individual samples.

As well as the cloud based library, you can also drag your own samples into the player and modify it with the loop synth. The Synth engine has a number of discrete components, which are triggered by the black keys, with each engine allowing you to drill down to the parameter level if you want to get tweaky.

We had a visit from Output's CEO a couple of months back and saw a preview of the player. It was impressively quick and simple to use, while also allowing for considerable creative leeway. At the time, user loops were not supported, so kudos for the team for adding that.

Arcade is a subscription based system, the trial period is a generous 100 days (more than 3 months!) after which $10 a month gives you continued access to the online library

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