Custom Oscillators For The Korg Prologue

DirtBoxSynth releases three – FMonsta, ORGANism, and SUPAwave      31/08/18

UK developer DirtBoxSynth say that they are leading the charge when it comes to releasing custom oscillators for the Korg Prologue synthesizer. This is what they have to say in their own words....

In July, Korg opened up their digital Multi-Engine oscillator for 3rd parties to develop custom code and install new algorithms into the Prologue. DirtBoxSynth have run with the baton and released a number of interesting oscillators that expand the sonic capabilities of Korg’s flagship hybrid synth.

So far, three custom oscillators have been made available – FMonsta, ORGANism, and SUPAwave.

FMonsta is a hybrid FM/wavetable affair with very dramatic results achieved by using the one instantly tweakable parameter, the ‘Shape’ control. It’s a bit like the factory ‘Waves’ oscillator in some ways, but takes it much further, allowing two wavetables to be combined via Frequency Modulation and modulated with a loopable envelope. Great for lead sounds and evolving, harmonically rich timbres, FMonsta adds even more excitement to the existing Prologue palette.

ORGANism appears at first glance to be more ‘traditional’ in that it recreates classic organ sounds via a six-voice per note audio engine with ‘drawbars’ for each partial. There are over 40 base organ tones to choose from, which can be further refined using the drawbars. The more unusual aspect to ORGANism is the pitch-shifting control via the Shape knob. This pushes some of the partials up to a higher harmony while pushing others down so that at the extremes of the control the same chord is heard but as a different inversion, with settings in between moving through other harmonies and non-harmonic areas.

SUPAwave is a cross between a classic de-tuned ‘SuperWave’ and PWM. It includes controls for Spread, Mix, PWM, LFO, Distortion and Randomness. As well as the classic super ‘saw’, SUPAwave takes other waves and makes copies of them that are detuned with the ‘spread’ control. A number of these waves are dual waves that allow for PWM sweeping manually or via either LFO. This flexibility allows not only classic synth sounds, but adds an interesting PWM/phase modulation character to patches that use the dual waves.

Pricing and Availability:

£20 each for FMonsta, and SUPAwave

£10 for ORGANism

£40 for a bundle of all three.

More information:






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