Omnisphere 2.5 Update Out Today And Its Free

US Lots of new features, 1000 new patches      29/08/18

Back at Superbooth we had a sneak preview of  what to expect from Omnisphere 2.5  the super software synthesis instrument from Spectraspnics.

Omnisphere turns 10 years old this year, and with version 2.5 the new features are adding a lot.

The main biggie is Hardware Synth Intetegration - Hardware profiles have been created  to let you control a software version of any supported synth, which often includes custom waves and in the case of the OB6, a new OB filter type. Essentially you get direct control mapping from the hardware to Omnisphere plus additional features not found in the hardware - more LFOs for Korg Prologue, polyphony for Moog Voyager and Sub 37 - you get the idea.

1000 extra patches have been created using the hardware profiles, bringing the total to over 14,000 patches - its kind of crazy.

Eric Persing recently did a presentaion at the El Rey theatre in LA - you can watch that here, and remember Omnisphere 2.5 is a free upgrade to Omnisphere 2.0 owners.

More Information

Hardware Synths supported include (so far):

  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet 6
  • Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • Dave Smith OB-6
  • Dave Smith REV2
  • Moog Sub 37
  • Moog Subsequent 37
  • Moog Voyager
  • Moog Sub Phatty
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Moog Slim Phatty
  • Korg Minilogue
  • Korg Monologue
  • Korg Prologue
  • Roland System-1
  • Roland System-1m
  • Roland System-8
  • Roland SE-02
  • Roland SH-01A
  • Roland JP-08
  • Roland JU-06
  • Roland JX-03
  • Roland VP-03
  • Novation Peak
  • Novation Bass Station II
  • Novation Circuit Mono Station
  • Access Virus A
  • Access Virus B
  • Clavia Nord Lead 1
  • Clavia Nord Lead 2
  • Studiologic Sledge

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