Bastl Instruments Posts New Videos

THYME destructive looping and Hendrikson demos plus complex envelopes with VCAs      24/08/18

Bastl Instruments has let us know that they have posted a new video now demonstrating the Destructive Looping capabilities of their THYME effects processor.

Bastl's Václav said, "I have been playing the THYME for quite a while and has a certain instrumental quality that is quite hard to master - as with any other instrument... it really became one of the most essential pieces of musical gear that I use all the time. I am really proud of it being a real instrument now and not just a dream that I had more than 3 years ago!"

There is also a new patchení s Nikol episode about complex envelopes with VCAs where Nikol shows how VCAs can be used to combine simple shapes to form more complex control voltage curves.

Bastl have also made a sound demo for Hendrikson, their eurorack guitar pedal interface. Hendrikson is a guitar/ instrument amplifier and an interface for external effects processors like stomp boxes. Bastl says that it offers a cheaper way to have great quality effects in your eurorack system.


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