Solina String Synth Sampled

SolinStrings features the 6 sounds of the ARP Solina String Ensemble synthesizer      22/08/18

 Sono Elements tells us that SolinStrings features the sound of the legendary ARP Solina String Ensemble synthesizer. Sono Elements sampled the 6 sounds of the Solina and embedded them in what they describe as a 'no fuss' easy to use plugin.

A spokesperson said, "The Solina was a multi-orchestral keyboard created in 1974 by Eminent BV. The instrument was ahead of its time in its use of preset synthesizer sounds and has been used by such acts as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Brian Eno, The Rolling Stones, Joy Division, and the Cure. More recently, during the 90s, Air used it in their music to create their classic records Moon Safari."


  •     The 6 original Arp Solina tones
  •     Amplitude ADSR
  •     Stereo tremolo, lowpass filter and reverb effects
  •     Adjustable vinyl crackles and tape hiss
  •     Comes as a VST & AU instrument for macOS & Windows7, 8, 10


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