Podcast: Sonic TALK 545 - Those Juicy Digits

iHop Ad, Yamaha synths, Drummers, Drum Machines, Reverb Quiz      16/08/18

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74:11 mins



We start with the 1969 iHop commercial which features an early modular synth soundtrack, Yamaha put a call out for synth ideas, Bernard Purdie and other drummers, 80s Drum machines - whats the allure? And finally we take the Reverb.com synth quiz.

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Notes thanks to to Marc the Darc:
7:54 - 1969 iHop commercialFreeze Machines from Sonicstate
22:54 - Yamaha ideaScale
35:38 - iZotope sponsor/contest
37:30 - The Purdie Shuffle
52:32 - Drum Machines
1:08:06 - Reverb.com synth quiz
1:10:35 - Closing remarks & goodbyes

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