Help Apogee Protest Trump's Tariffs

Tax on electronic components from China will ultimately result in price increases for us all      10/08/18

Help Apogee Protest Trump's Tariffs

We recently brought you a story about Moog’s appeal to save jobs after the 25% trade tariff was announced. Now Apogee has posted their own appeal and drafted a letter that interested parties can use to petition their elected representatives. Here's the text of Apogee's statement and a link to the draft letter...

We Need Your Help.

You may have heard about the ongoing trade battle between the U.S. and China.

If you haven’t, here is a brief timeline of events:

  • March 22, 2018: President Trump released a list of $50 billion dollars worth of imports from China and announced new tariffs that would be implemented, having a dramatic impact on imports and exports between the U.S. and China.
  • July 6, 2018: A 25% tariff on $34 Billion of Chinese goods began with another $16 billion dollar tariff to be implemented at a later date.
  • July 10, 2018: The United States Trade Representative gave a list of $200 billion dollars of Chinese imports that will potentially face an additional 10% tariff.
  • August 1, 2018: President Trump proposed to have the 10% tariff on a list of $200 billion dollars of Chinese imports increased to 25%.

Apogee Electronics takes pride in manufacturing our products in the US, but like most companies we rely on electronic components from China. In many instances there is not a second source for these components outside of China.

As of July 6th the cost of materials and components from China has risen by 25%.

The July 6th tariff imposing a 25% tax on electronic components from China affects a large percentage of our material costs, which will ultimately result in price increases, something we actively try to avoid.

This ultimately can have an impact on the employees of Apogee, and their families - changing the role we play on the economy in Santa Monica, CA and the U.S. and could also affect the charitable impact that we have on the world.

Please write to your elected representatives and ask them to support a quick resolution to these tariffs.

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